Biometric voice authentication app + iOS + Android + Web App + Backend

Voice Biometrics is a new technology and increasingly used tool in the process of user authentication. Not only shortens the user verification time by more than four times, but also increases the safety of this process. Contrary to the password, which can get into unauthorized hands, the voice is unique for every human being. This ensures that the users’ data are adequately protected and can be accessed in a quick and comfortable way. Conventional, widely used PIN or password based authorization method is not only uncomfortable for users, but also costly.

• Voice Biometrics Technology is based on analysis of the distinctive patterns contained in the human voice, impossible to reproduce.

• A voiceprint is made of user’s voice patterns that are stored in the form of mathematical models.

• VoicePIN is resistant to spoofing. It detects whether the sample is an original or a re-played recording.

• Each time a speaker is being authorized, recording is verified and matched with all previously collected data guidelines.

• VoicePIN is robust to perceived voice changes. It works even when you have a cold or a sore throat. What VoicePIN listens to in your voice, is not what people hear in it.